Crispin’s Spice

crispin_5_09This “Spice of Life” ring crafted by Angela Crispin is so fabulously modern, yet reminds me of my grandmother making pumpkin pie from scratch.  It combines silver clay with Hadar Jacobson’s copper clay powder.  She mentions in the photo description that she will be teaching this at an upcoming workshop.

Angela is one of the most industrious artists I’ve seen in terms of her Web presence.  Her blog and Flickr comments are bi-lingual (English and French) and she has a variety of homes on the Web, including a Flickr photostream, Web site with an online store, Angela’s blog and her DaWanda storefront.  Her Flickr site includes several photo tutorials and project process photos.  Thanks, Angela for sharing your work and your knowledge so openly with the rest of us.


Crispin’s Spice — 3 Comments

  1. Yum, pumpkin pie from scratch! ;o)
    Thank you, Wendy, for noticing and so kindly mentioning my work ! It was a pleasure to visit your blog !

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