Angulo’s Copper Roses

Angulo_7_09These tiny hand-formed roses from Lorena Angulo are so sweet.  Framed by the wood-grain plank of COPPRclay, these little lovelies remind me of the flowers growing next to my Uncle’s weathered barn.  I particularly appreciate that the arrangement of the roses on the two earrings is complementary but not identical.  Lorena’s art reflects her Mexican heritage and her spicy San Antonio surroundings.  She’s been working in both COPPRclay and BRONZclay, and generously sharing her results online.

For more of Lorena’s work, check out her Etsy store, her Flickr photostream, her Crafthaus profile, her Web site and her blog.


Angulo’s Copper Roses — 3 Comments

  1. I just love Lorena’s work and am anxiously awaiting a pair of her wonderful earrings.

    Wish I lived closer to her, she also has some awesome cooking skills (at lest from what I have seen of Flickr-YUMMMM) and I would love to have dinner at her place! Good food and wonderful jewelry, what could be better?

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