Hemmila’s Krishna Peacock

Hemmila _7 _09Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry creates lovely little charms, each about the size of a dime, and each with a sense of symbolism that helps to tell a story.  She even puts these charms together in combinations requested by her customers to tell their special story.  Although it’s hard to choose a favorite, I was instantly drawn to her “Krishna Peacock”.  These regal birds seem to keep popping up throughout my life, and my current home is adjacent to a subdivision we call the peacock neighborhood because of the 30 or so birds that live there.  This peacock charm is for sale here.

Beth writes a great blog where she interweaves philosophy and art in a delightful way.  And, I’ve discovered that she has a second blog devoted to her philanthropical work and interests.  To see more from Beth/Hint, check out her Etsy store, Flickr photostream, Hint blog and philanthropy blog.


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