Weikersheimer’s Party Shield

Weikersheimer_7_09I’ve heard about this technique, but this photo is the first time I’ve seen it in action.  Patricia Weikersheimer created her “Party Shield”by drawing a doodle using Tulip brand puffy fabric paint, then pulling a silicone mold from the doodle.  The mold was used to impress copper clay from Hadar Jacobson to create the finished piece.  This concept is quite intriguing to me, and I think I may have to run out and buy some puffy paint! Click here to see a photo of the doodle and the mold.

Patricia has  photo gallery on the Yahoo Metal Clay Group “Gallery 2”, but you’ll need to be a member to view it.  Her work is featured on the Tall Grass Arts Association site, and Tonya Davidson featured a photo of Patricia’s very efficient workspace here.


Weikersheimer’s Party Shield — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for featuring my work, Wendy! Do you recall where you read about this technique, and if it was used with metal clay? I’d love to see what others have done with it.

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Keirsten and Patricia!

    Patricia – I’m thrilled to feature your work. The biggest challenge was choosing which of your amazing textures to show. I saw a reference to this technique on the Yahoo Metal Clay Group, which is also where I found your photos. So, perhaps they were inspired by you! I just think it’s such a cool and creative idea. Well done.

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