Jacobson and Ellis’ Gourdelia

Jacobson_9_09 You can always count on finding something interesting at Hadar Jacobson’s Web site, which is packed with amazing eye-candy, tons of tutorials and technical information for working with her bronze and copper clay formulas.  Her story of this “Gourdelia” sculpture was a pleasure to read.  This hollow form was created on a miniature gourd using Hadar’s clays and is the collaborative effort of Hadar and her long-time student Toni Ellis. The blog post offers details and photos showing their process.  It’s fun to get the inside scoop.

Check out Hadar’s blog and her Web site, and here’s the link to this particular blog post.  A quick search didn’t turn up a site for Toni’s work, but Hadar links to some amazing photos of her art in the blog post.  If anyone has an address for a Web site, store or Flickr photostream for Toni, let me know and I’ll add the link.


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