Lannum’s Eiffel Tower Pendant

Lannum_9_09Gail Lannum is a talented jewelry artist and a prolific blogger who I’ve been following for over a year.  Because of this I sort of feel that I “know” this person that I’ve never met.  I’ve followed her through work stresses, new kitties, vacations, shows, falling trees, and most of all BRONZClay creations.  In fact, it was on Gail’s blog that I was first introduced to this new development in the metal clay world.  Gail also introduced me to the use of tear-away textures for metal clay.  So, I’m really happy to be featuring this BRONZClay pendant created from a tear-away texture made from a photo of the Eiffel tower as seen through the trees.

Be sure to add Gail’s Tales…and Jewelry Designs to your blog reader, and check out Gail’s Flickr photostream for more of her wonderfully ancient-looking creations.


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