Penoyer’s It’s My Job Talisman Pendant

Penoyer_10_09I love this piece from Donna Penoyer for so many reasons.  Nearly all of us create for the purpose of selling our work, and it seems that in this case, Donna invested  her considerable talents in a piece that is just for her and carries an important message.  I also really appreciate the way Donna tells a story to help all of us connect with this piece. Here’s what Donna has to say about her “It’s My Job Talisman Pendant,” which has “It’s My Job” inscribed on the back.

I made this pendant as a personal talisman to summon me daily to my work as an artist. I need to be reminded to afford art-making the respect of a job, and make more effort to show up on a regular basis.

Let’s all take a cue from Donna and remember the power of storytelling to help our audience connect with our art and with us as artists and individuals.

For more from Donna, check out her Web site and her Flickr photostream.  And, for some insight into Donna’s sense of fun and adventure, check out this page with Donna the stiltwalker and “party starter”.


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