Reeves’ Paisley Pendant

Reeves_10_09I’m inspired today to show this creation from an absolute newcomer to metal clay.  Patty Reeves participated in Sarah Triton’s beginner class and produced this amazing “Paisley Pendant”.  I’m just giddy with her sense of form and repetition.  The syringe clay squiggles that frame the piece add a great finishing touch.  Notice how the paisley pattern is present in both the texture and the overall shape of the piece.  And, do we even have to mention that awesome patina?!

To me, this piece represents the possibilities of our medium.  We work with a material that a first-timer can use to create something absolutely stunning, and yet we can challenge ourselves to go farther even after decades of experience.  Many thanks to Sarah Triton for sharing this photo and keep up the good work, Patty.  We look forward to seeing more from you in the future!


Reeves’ Paisley Pendant — 2 Comments

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Amazing what can be done. Sure doesn’t look like a first timer. (Bet there was an awesome teacher too.)

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