Julia’s Orissa Pendant

Sacerdotesse_11_09This “Orissa Pendant” caught my eye today.  It’s beautifully constructed from PMC3 and Aura Gold with four garnet points seeming to light the way to the cardinal directions.  It’s a gorgeous piece, and I really wish I could tell you more about the talented maker. 

A Flickr photostream from  Sacerdotesse includes a few other shots of this and similarly lovely pieces.  I found an interesting blog, which revealed an author named Julia, but still no last name.  A search on Etsy brought me to this storefront, but sadly,  the profile is empty.

I usually don’t feature a piece unless I can figure out some basic information about the artist, but I just couldn’t resist this one.  So please, take a moment and make sure that your Flickr, Etsy, blog or any other online profile where you show off your metal clay work tells us who you are (not just a company name) and where we can see more of your stuff.  We’re all very curious kittens, and of course, you will increase your chances of being feature on Metal Clay Magic in the future.  Thanks for playing!


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