Magno’s Invitation Bracelet

Magno_11_09Lori Magno is a talented artist with an awesome, prolific presence on the web.  I’ve had such fun surfing through her sites trying to make the difficult decision of what to feature here.  Ooh—touch choice!  But, I kept coming back to a piece that was created using the texture from a wedding invitation.  What a personal, unique and touching piece of wearable art this is!  Kudos to Lori for having her texture radar on high alert for this awesome find.  Pictured here is the bracelet with the invitation.  Click here to see the invitation with the silicon mold created from it.

And, now for your surfing pleasure, check out more from Lori Magno at her blog, Facebook page, Etsy store, Artfire store and Flickr photostream.  Did I miss anything?

I hope you all enjoy a peaceful, happy and satisfying holiday weekend.  Spend it with someone (or lots of folks) you love.  And remember to take some time for yourself.


Magno’s Invitation Bracelet — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness! What a treat to find my work in these magic pages! Thank you Wendy! I’ve just delivered a set of pins for the “Fairy Godmothers” who helped make my friend’s wedding so special. You may see them on the Moda di Magno Facbook page (one of them captioned the pin/pinbacks that almost ate my brain.) A challenging but wonderful set of projects!

  2. I can feel your excitement and this is exactly why I love doing this blog! Those pins are so special. I know the lucky ladies who receive them will treasure them forever.

  3. Hi there,
    Lori made that fabulous bracelet and the pins for my wedding. I was in a quandry–rather than having a best man, my husband selected a best person–a female friend–and we needed something sophisticated and meaningful to mark the day. As usual, I had no ideas. Lori came up with this fabulous bracelet and later made pins for some very special ladies who threw my bridal shower, as well as my mother.
    She’s THE MOST TALENTED artisan I know and an absolute joy to work with! Everyone I gift with a piece of her art is thrilled and it is so nice to give a gift that is unique.

  4. Hey Sarah, thanks for filling in the rest of the story for us. I think storytelling is a hugely important part of being an artist and connecting with your audience, and I knew there must be a great story behind that bracelet. Thanks for supporting your local artisan!

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