Smith’s O My Tweet Love Pendant

Smith_1_10It seems that bird motifs are everywhere these days, and yet I can’t get enough of them.  Don’t we all wish for the freedom to fly like a bird?  Remember Jenny, from Forrest Gump, who prayed to become a bird so she could, “fly far, far away”?  Or, sometimes a bird (or a pair of birds in this case) can represent our feathered nest that we share with our one true love.  Whatever meaning you attach to it, this pendant from Corrina Smith is just adorable.  I love how she used the textured oval to frame the sculpted birds.   The dangling ruby and pearl beads are icing on the proverbial cake.

You can see lots more from Corrina on her Etsy store, Web site, blog, Flickr photostream and Facebook page for her company, GreenRiver Studio.

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