McKinnon’s Fine Silver Chain

McKinnon_2_10Okay, so today’s post really isn’t about this fine silver chain, lovely though it is.  It’s actually about all the new stuff Kate McKinnon is cranking out these days, including a nice little video about metal clay safety that she has posted on YouTube.  If you are a reader of Kate’s blog, you know she is outspoken and opinionated – both qualities that I quite like.  The beauty of this video is that she has managed to keep her more incendiary positions off the agenda, so she can speak clearly and directly about metal clay safety, a subject she cares about deeply.  Check it out.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

Kate has also promised a second YouTube video about the advantage of full firing, and she’s got a DVD and a new book in the final stages of production.  She was also recently added to the faculty of, which is Donna Kato’s new education program for fine craft.  Check out Kate’s blog for a glimpse into the stream of consciousness that is her world. But look out, it’s a fast-moving stream.

Oh yes, the fine silver chain is made of metal clay which was fired, fused and forged.  The sweet s-hook is fine silver wire, forged and with a metal clay sculptured end added for flair.  I’ll bet that baby is really strong!


McKinnon’s Fine Silver Chain — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the mention, Wendy!
    The S-hook is really strong, yes. It’s a really great use of MC, ornamenting wire ends. I make rings that way, too.

    I’ve got a gorgeous new book on MC coming out in April, in addition to a full-length video that is starting to ship in just a few days- it’s hopping around here!

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