Van Kleeck’s Eccentric Donut Earrings

VanKleek_2_10Kathy Van Kleeck is shaking off the chill and letting the subtle signs of spring inspire her to create with gusto!  I love her take on the tried and true donut shape in these Eccentric Donut Earrings.  I get the feeling that no shape cutters or templates ever touched these pieces, which are infused with the raw energy of Kathy’s hands working the clay.  Her fingerprints create a most interesting and organic texture here.  Very nice.

In addition to new creations in clay, Kathy has been refreshing her online presence.  She has moved her blog, so be sure to update your blog reader to her new home.   And, check out her Etsy store for new listings.  You can also find more about Kathy on her Web site.


Van Kleeck’s Eccentric Donut Earrings — 3 Comments

  1. Wendy – Thank you so much for posting about my work! You can know for sure those earrings have never seen precision tools. That’s my favorite part about PMC … pinch and smush and nudge and stretch and tear and pinch some more. I think that’s best.
    … and dried apples – I like that very much. blessings – kvk

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