My Gordi Turtle

DSC05832I was able to re-arrange my crazy schedule to attend a workshop with Gordon Uyehara last week.  The session was hosted by the most gracious and hospitable Florida Suncoast PMC Guild, which is based just 2 hours from my home.  I really enjoyed getting to know this great group of gals, and I learned so much from Gordon. 

The project was his Cosmic Honu pendant, which is a sea turtle.  The basic construction was pretty straightforward, but the real fun was in decorating the turtle.  It was very cool to see how everyone in the class gave such a different look and personality to their turtle.  The school of class-produced turtles is pictured to the left, with Gordi’s class sample leading the pack.  My turle is pictured by itself to the right.

DSC05831Some of you may be asking where I’ve been recently.  My day job with the National Mango Board is busiest in the first three months of the year.  I’ve already made half a dozen business trips since the start of the year and tomorrow I leave for a week in Mexico.  Along with the travel comes a constant stream of deadlines.  I love my job and I’m not complaining.  Just please know that my blogging schedule will pick up again after I get through this current batch of madness.  Thanks for your patience!


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  1. Wendy it was great meeting you and please join us for our future classes we are going to line up! We certainly had fun with Gordon didn’t we?

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