Rai’s Hinged Box

Rai_3_10Congratulations to Julia Rai for achieving level 3 status with the Masters Registry.  She’s the first individual to reach that level, so it’ s a particularly exciting achievement.  I’m fascinated  by the Master’s Registry.  Their site is a fabulous source of eye candy and the artists who are pursuing this credential are a great source of inspiration to me personally.

The Masters Registry is a structured program designed to challenge an artist’s creative and technical abilities.  To progress through the program, candidates submit a total of 50 projects divided into 5 levels.  Each project is evaluated and scored.  If a piece doesn’t earn a passing score, it can be re-worked and re-submitted until it does pass.  Each group of 10 projects completed successfully earns the candidate the next Masters Registry level.  So, Julia has had 30 of her submitted pieces pass the evaluation process, including the hinged box that’s shown here.  Kudos!

Julia’s new Web site exhibits a level of generosity and openness that I really admire.  She shows photos of each piece submitted, including those that did not pass the evaluation.  She includes background information about her creative process, some of the comments from the evaluators, and even the scores she received on each piece.

You’re probably already familiar with Julia’s other site, Metal Clay Academy, which is an independent resource for information about metal clay.  The site is very deep with lots of great information and tons of links.

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