Simon’s Mandala

Simon_3_10Have you seen it?!  Barbara Becker Simon posted this most amazing mandala piece yesterday on her Facebook Fan Page, and I just had to continue the buzz here on Metal Clay Magic.  I feel I could spend hours looking at the intricate details and discovering new aspects of this piece to appreciate.  I love the hands that encircle the center of the donut, but my most favorite bit is the series of bugs (or are they spiders) that ring the piece.  In Barbara’s own words, the piece was, “too much ding, dang work”, but we are surely glad she put in that time.  It seems this piece will be exhibited at the PMC Conference, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.  You can see a photo of the piece in the greenware stage here.  Or, click here to see the back of the piece, which is also intricate and gorgeous.

Check out Barbara’s Facebook Fan Page and her Web site for more masterpieces!


Simon’s Mandala — 2 Comments

  1. Great article, Wendy! Barbara’s one of my mentorsso I always love to see what she’s been doing. BTW, how was Mexico and your meeting?

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