Fernald’s Circle and Oval Necklace

Fernald_6_10For some reason, beading just doesn’t come naturally to me.  Where the beads seem to speak to others, to me they are…silent.  So, I really admire someone who just gets it.  That’s what I’m thinking as I lust after Barbara Fernald’s asymmetrical necklace of seed beads and African glass beads combined with a variety of silver clay components, which includes lentils, spacers, oval connectors and a lovely toggle clasp.  I like how the beads are not matched, but the theme of circles, spirals and ovals carries through the piece to hold it together.  And that color!  I dream in that shade of blue.

Barbara has been producing some lovely new pieces and experimenting with her new tabletop photo studio.  It’s fun to watch the progress here on her blog.  You can also check out her Etsy store.


Fernald’s Circle and Oval Necklace — 1 Comment

  1. Hey Wendy, this was a total surprise. I am very honored to have a piece featured on your blog. Especially one that caused me so much doubt as I was making it. There’s nothing like unanticipated validation from a peer. Thanks!

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