Karst’s Dream Box Pendant

Karst_8_10This Dream Box pendant from Angie Karst is so deliciously mysterious.  It seems that it can be opened, but it’s not made to be opened while worn.  Or, at least it seems that way because the chain goes through the lid.  Let’s just say I’d like to see this one firsthand so I can deconstruct its secrets.  And this photo—gorgeous.  Kudos to Angie or whoever took the shot for her.

Angie and her partner Marly Penner make, sell and teach under the name Studio 28.  You can see both of their work on their shared website.


Karst’s Dream Box Pendant — 4 Comments

  1. Holly, inquiring minds want to know!

    Angie, I didn’t realize you were in our September class until Barb clued me in. This post was a happy accident. I’m so excited!

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