Scheftic’s Magic Carpet

Scheftic_8_10I’m back from the PMC Conference, and one of the greatest benefits was meeting so many new people.  In my world, that also translates to finding new artists to feature.  Today I’m sharing Carol Scheftic’s cool Magic Carpet pendant.  It’s a funky, woven, sort of curvey, parabolic creation.  Carol is really into math, and she calls the shape “anticlastic”.  That’s way over my head, but even I can see that it’s very cool. 

I’ve had my eye on this piece for some time, knowing that I would feature it here on the blog.  I met Carol at the conference and we had a lovely chat about the benefits of brand neutrality.  It wasn’t until I starting writing today’s post and looking at Carol’s links that I put two and two together!

You can see more from Carol on her website, her blog and her Flickr photostream.

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