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I am a retired teacher turned studio jeweler and metal clay instructor. I luckily discovered jewelry making and, as soon as I retired went to a professional jewelry school to learn the basics of metal fabrication, stone setting, and wax carving and casting. A few years before actually retiring I learned about metal clay, and took all the classes and certifications I could. I first received two levels of PMC and then took the crossover class in Art Clay and the certifications required to be a senior level Art Clay instructor. I use many traditional metalsmithing techniques to enhance my teaching and metal clay work.

Lately I have continued with my fascination with Mokume Gane and hope to be certified through a class that I will be taking at Art Clay World for senior Art Clay instructors.

I believe in being a life-long-learner by continuously taking classes in various techniques to enhance my work and to educate my students. I am proud to be a member of several guilds such as The Florida Society of Goldsmiths, South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild, Enamel Guild South, and the chapter leader of Miami Metal Clay Artists which is a dual chapter of The Art Clay Society and PMC Guild.

I am very blessed that I love what I do, and am supported by my wonderful husband, and my daughter who thinks I’m a little crazy. (She did not get my “love of art” gene). It is my hope and dream that I continue learning, making, and teaching others the art and science of making jewelry.

Bernadette Denoux

About Bernadette Denoux

I have always loved wearing old silver jewelry, and in my jewelry box still have many of my favorite pieces from my earlier years growing up in Coconut Grove, Florida. Little did I know that later in life I would be making and teaching jewelry techniques to adults now that I am a retired teacher. You can see some of my work along with classes on my website


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    • Hi Evelyn,
      I think this is the most exciting way to blog. I tried it on my own just to see what it was like, and I quickly decided that I would not keep up with it. I was getting mostly weird comments that had nothing to do with what I was writing about. There is a tremendous amount of energy and strength in numbers. Nice to meet you too!

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