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That’s me!

Yep-you read that right.  Lowercase.  I don’t capitalize my name, even though my mom thinks I’m a “capital person”.

I’m a little weird, and I embrace that.  I don’t like capital “E” because it looks like a fork.  It looks sharp, pointy, dangerous.  I am not those things.  I think of myself as being soft, feminine, romantic, and what says that better than a simple spiral: a lowercase “e”.

I was married this past October, and I’m having a hard time dropping my maiden name.  It’s how I’ve known myself for the past 30-odd years and it is the consummate conversation starter:

“Meharg, now that’s an interesting last name”

-Yes-it’s actually Graham, mis-spelled backwards

“You don’t say!  Huh, look at that, so it is.  Where does that come from?”

My family is Scotts-Irish.  We were border reivers-got in trouble with the law for raiding and stealing sheep, so we spelled our name backwards to avoid being beheaded.

“Hmm, that’s as good a reason as any to spell your name backwards!”

And now:

“Ms Harris, nice to met you.”

Sigh.  I love my husband immensely, but his last name, sadly, is not quite as exciting.  Nor do my initials have a nice ring, the way “e.l.m” did. Hence the reason I’m having a bear of a time becoming “e.m.h”  It sounds like a grunt of confusion “ummm” or a sound of bored disapproval “meh”.  I’m ambivalent about e.m.h.  Meh.

BUT, what if the H gets put the the front?  That spells Helm-the steering wheel of a ship!   Steering fashion forward.  Go ahead.  Wear Helm.

I’ve been making jewelry (as e.l.m.) since I as 15.  I’ve always love to create, and discovering metal clay took my jewelry to the next level.  It doesn’t matter what I go by (h.e.l.m), the point is I love to make.

I am the most proud of and inspired by my line of commemorative jewelry-it arose from the loss of my beloved pup.  I needed something to keep his memory close to my heart, and made a reliquary-a vessel that enshrined a bit of fuzz from his tennis ball, some of his hair, and soil from his burial site.  Wearing that necklace helps me keep his spirit with me.

When I was approached to make a reliquary pendant for a customer’s wife, I realized that these pendants might resonate with others who were experiencing the heart-ache of a lost love.  When the customer told me his wife, upon opening the gift, exclaimed it was “the most thoughtful gift he’d given her in 20 plus years of marriage” I knew I’d found my calling.

Gonzo’s reliquary, front

Gonzo’s Reliquary (inside-back)

About erin l m harris

I like to make stuff. The high school years produced several A+ science projects including models of a chicken embryo, zygotes and mitotic division, created in polymer and meticulously detailed. A born artist with a lifelong love of creating, it took the unexpected loss of a special companion for me to create the work I am best known for: memorial and commemorative jewelry. I design reliquaries in precious metal clay-wearable vessels that enshrine treasured relics of the past, each piece a tangible link to a cherished pet, a special place, a memorable day. I split my time between running my jewelry boutique and apprenticing with Celie Fago and can be found at,


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