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I like metal clay. I like it so much it has held my undivided attention for several years now, as I investigate how it works and making jewelry with it. I like to talk about it, read about it, think about it and of course…work with it!

My career for more than 30 years has been as a graphic designer, the majority of those years as a package designer. For a long time I freelanced for a major U.S. toy manufacturer.

Along the way I’ve always had hobbies that involved creativity, working with my hands, building things and design. I enjoy baking, knitting, painting, and I’ve dabbled in woodworking and gardening. When I discovered metal clay…what a perfect medium for me! It had it all. Even carving it, which thrills me so much because I have loved printmaking since I was a teen. Carving metal clay is like printmaking to me. So is designing and making textures.

It all makes perfect sense. I see a lot of graphic qualities in the metal clay work that I make. I am captivated by the prospect of designing a piece that is a bit complex, and then figuring out how to engineer and build it. I use my graphics skills with the computer to create templates and plan pieces out. My “schematics”, as my husband jokingly calls them.

The past four years or so, I’ve begun taking workshops and classes in metalsmithing and my work has been branching out. I am mixing techniques. And I’m mixing metals, too, as I have expanded from strictly silver into working in copper, and now bronze as well.

I sell my work at shows and galleries, and I have a shop on Etsy. My web site is I belong to the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the Etsy MetalClay Team and the Metal Clay Artisan’s Guild in Connecticut. I also work for Metal Clay Artist Magazine as an art and photography editor. My future plans are to continue to take classes and study metal clay and metalsmithing, and to keep learning and hopefully improving!

When I’m not messing with metal, I am enjoying the company of my husband, Wayne Dombkowski. Our four dogs let us live with them in their house in Windsor, CT, where we can usually be found at the steering end of a leash.

“I like metal clay”



About Evelyn

I'm a metal clay artist who is learning something new every day. My goal in my work is to make things that are well crafted and distinctively from my own hands, like the work of a good tailor. My jewelry can be found at

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