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Making jewelry is my passion. I love making all kinds of jewelry, exploring the possibilities of various materials to create personal adornments.

While in graduate school in 1992 a friend showed me how to make simple beaded earrings. I got hooked, fell in love with beads and stones and taught myself how to make all kinds of beaded jewelry. When I wanted to go beyond beads, I enrolled in metalsmith classes at the local community art center.

in 1999 I discovered metal clay and was immediately smitten. Silver – which I love – in its most tactile form. What a joy to create a piece of wearable art from a lump of gray clay; manipulate a soft, pliable material every which way and end up with a beautiful piece of silver jewelry. Amazing! I was certified as a PMC Artisan by Rio Grande in March of 2000. Certifications from PMC Connection and Art Clay World soon followed.

When I retired as a librarian two years ago, I began my career as a full-time jewelry artist. I have a studio in an old factory building that currently houses about 30 studios, with a waiting list of twice that many. The atmosphere and support from such a diverse and wonderful group of artists is phenomenal and truly inspiring. Our website is

I love taking classes and workshops and do so as often as time and finances allow. I am actively involved in my local jewelry guild, the Northeast Ohio Metal Clay Guild, and particularly enjoy setting up our workshops with some of the best instructors in the field. You can see some of the fun we have at and read about our classes at


Katie Hanrahan

About Katie Hanrahan

Making jewelry is my passion. Metal clay is part of that passion and a favorite tool in my toolbox. Each day in my studio I try to challenge myself in some way, to push myself to sharpen my skills, think outside the box, learn new techniques or experiment with new materials in order to grow as an artist. I am part of an artists collective called The Screw Factory Artists and you can see some of my work on our website


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    • hi Katie,
      Please e-mail me at the above. Have some information about a craft show at the Rocky River Nature Center in December that I would like to share and see if you are interested in participating, along with any other crafters.
      Hope you are well,
      Paula K.

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