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Photo of Lis-el CrowleyAll my life I have had many creative ideas. Some small in scale and some quite large. I have been pretty good at putting the small ideas into action, and have been very happy to have created a life in which I can pursue my passion and help others to do the same.

The grand ideas have been harder to realize. I don’t know if it’s the scale and scope of them or the daunting sense of what would be required to realize them. Which leads me to May of 2012.

I had a dream in which I was swept up in a tornado and was being literally blown away. I prayed fervently in the dream to be allowed to land safely. I did, being set gently down upon the ground. I immediately meditated on the inner meaning of that dream and knew that it was telling me something was going to happen to turn my world upside down and I had a strong feeling it would be about one of my children. I begged for it not to be so, but was reminded that all would turn out ok, in spite of appearances.

About a week later, I was getting ready to lead my weekly meditation group when I received a phone call from my daughter in law, Lisa. I knew something was amiss. She never calls me because she is from the Phillipines and we have difficulty communicating over the phone. My oldest son, George,  had been rushed to the hospital with seizures and they were about to do emergency brain surgery on him. They thought it was an aneurism. I live in Connecticut, and they live in Canton, Georgia. Within an hour, I was on my way to Georgia, to be with them. Up to this point, George had been completely healthy. He competes in ironman triathlons and works out regularly. I kept reminding myself of my dream on the way to Georgia, and it helped, but it was still a very scary drive.

It turned out it wasn’t an aneurism, and they did not have to do emergency surgery. They controlled his seizures with a medication and we visited a neurologist. It took some time to find out what was wrong. It was a cavernous venous malformation in the brain which had started bleeding. They were able to remove it successfully and I am delighted to say he is completely healed and getting back to his normal life. He won’t be able to compete this year, but hopes to get back into it next year.

I returned to Connecticut after a week to discover that my dearest friend, Lucia, who had been battling colon cancer for a year had taken a turn for the worse. She was just 47 years old and we were certain she would beat the cancer and continue to be with us. Within a few days she was gone. We were stunned. I have faith in the continuation of the soul and I know she is in a better place, but I miss her physical presence so.

Lucia was a talented artist and a vibrant and beautiful woman. There were so many things she wanted to do, but she was gone and they were left undone.

I learned many things during this period, one of which was to stop putting the important things on the back burner. If I am inspired to do something, I should do it and not waste time procrastinating or wondering if I am up to it. Life can change in a heartbeat.

There is a quote I love by someone named Emile Zola “I am an artist . . . I am here to live out loud.”

I want to live out loud. When I am through with this life, I want to feel the satisfaction of knowing I followed through on my inspirations and dreams. I suggest this to all of you. We are all infinitely creative and we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. When you have a creative dream or vision, jump right in and do it.

So, my big dream that I’ve been thinking of for years, is to produce a metal clay conference here in the Northeast. I am moving forward and am excited to say that it is coming together quickly and easily. The Metal Clay Mojo Conference will be held September 5-8, 2013, in Chester, CT at the Guest House Retreat Center. I will write more about this event in the months to come.

Yes, I am addicted to Metal Clay and to creating and I enjoy teaching and helping others learn to work with it. To me it is alchemy and magical and I love it. I am thrilled to be a part of this joint effort to spread the joy of creating with metal clay. I am honored to be associated with the fine artists that are a part of this project. I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with us.

Lis-el Crowley

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Self proclaimed creativity addict and metal clay lover extraordinaire, Lis-el Crowley is the creative force behind the Metal Clay Mojo Conference which is being planned for September of 2013 in Chester, CT. She has been working with and teaching metal clay since 2005 when she torch fired her first project, a pair of earrings, and they turned into shiny silver in front of her eyes. Yes, she overfired them and they melted, but hey, it was Alchemy and that's MAGIC!!! Sharing her love of metal clay with students, fellow artists, and customers makes Lis-el happy.


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