Do You Tangle?

A few years ago I discovered Zentangles, and made a brass texture plate to use in roller printing on metal and metal clay. I had a couple of books about it, but after a brief introduction they then sat on my book shelf until recently when I had a really hard time being inspired to create anything. I thought I’d bring out my books and see if they might help get my creativity flowing. I actually bought a few more books, and looked in to being certified to teach it. I would have to go to Rhode island for the certification so that isn’t happening any time soon.

Anyway… Zentangles are a fun and easy way to focus in the present moment on what “doodle” you might be drawing at the time. There are standard tangle patterns or you just make them up as you get into a zen like state. It’s a lot of fun, and quite relaxing. Sometimes I turn on smooth music, sit with my Zentangle books and just doodle away a half hour or so.

If I am seeing anyone I know that day, I’ll give them my tangles for that day. Nobody is really impressed, but it makes me happy to give my tangles away.Check them out at .

Bernadette Denoux

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I have always loved wearing old silver jewelry, and in my jewelry box still have many of my favorite pieces from my earlier years growing up in Coconut Grove, Florida. Little did I know that later in life I would be making and teaching jewelry techniques to adults now that I am a retired teacher. You can see some of my work along with classes on my website


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  1. I have the pens in my studio somewhere and I’m thinking I need to dig them out again. I don’t know if I would use my Zentangles in my metal clay, but it’s such a restful, meditative process. I need that!

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