A Day to Play – Cutting My First Cabochon

Have you ever cut stone or made a cabochon? I got my first taste at a play date with Ann Davis and now I have a serious case of tool lust.

I met the incomparable Ann at my first Metal Clay conference this year. We started chatting on Facebook about the Silhouette cutting machine and when I mentioned I was visiting my sister in DC in August Ann invited me to play in her studio!

The big day came and my sister dropped me off at LaRuche Davis. Ann is an amazing person – so warm and fun to talk with.  Her studio is equally impressive.  I don’t have pictures but Ann wrote a lovely article in Metal Clay Artist Magazine Sept 2012 issue where you can see more pictures and read about how she went through a reorganization.

Ann asked what I wanted to play with. To say I could’ve been the donkey starving between choice bits of succulent hay is an understatement. She has *everything*! Ann describes jerself as a pyrolitic artist. Lampworking, electroforming, metal clay, lapidary – you name it she’s got it!

I finally chose to cut a cabochon. I picked out a shape and drew it on a slab of tigeriron. Ann first showed me how to cut on the Torus ring saw. Can I say tool lust? Yummmm. You can cut in any direction on the torus ring saw.
Torus Ring Saw

Once I had a piece roughed out she showed me her Cab King cabbing machine. It has multiple spinning disks with varying grades of grit. I refined the shape, then started angling in the sides for the dome. Cabbing can be messy but very therapeutic (at least to me!).Cabochon machine

It took a while but I finally got a semi-respectable cabochon! I learned I love cutting cabs, it suits my temperament as well as lifestyle (I can pick it up and put it down if I get interrupted which is quite a lot).  Spending the afternoon with Ann was also great because I have a hard time setting aside time in my own studio to just play and learn something new without feeling I have to produce something.

Tigeriron Cabochon

My first cabochon – made out of tigeriron

So get out there, set up a play date with someone, have fun and potentially learn something new!  Now I just have to find some space in my studio and save up for new toys…Kim Paige & Ann Davis

Kim Paige

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As a mother of two young girls, a wife and the family breadwinner, I dream and plan for the days when I can spend more time with art and my business. Until then, I squeeze in as much time as I can in my little basement studio with support from my husband. I’m a techno-phile and information-junkie so when I can’t create, I love to stay up-to-date on the latest Metal Clay news. You can find my website at http://www.RedTree-Studio.com.


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  1. Awwwwwhhh Kim, you are sooo sweet!!!! It was so much fun spending the day talking!! You are an amazing gal!!

    And your first stone!! Perfect!! I had no idea those gold flecks were in there!!! Great job!!! Great blog!!!

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