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La Leipsig in her studio

Photography is one of the many tasks of running La Leipsig Jewels.

Well, hello Metal Clay Lovers. Nice to meet you here at Metal Clay Magic. I was so honored that Wendy asked me to be a contributing artist for this site, I just had to say yes to her enthusiastic request.

Metal Clay is indeed magic and I am under the spell since 2006. It started as an intriguing advertisement in my regular Dutch metalsmith catalog: “Fine silver that is pliable and after drying, burn it with a torch and it turns into silver”

Wow! I was flabbergasted and wanted to know more. Without hesitation I order my first 25g of clay, a syringe and paste. I found some information in the little leaflet that accompanied the parcel and started to experiment. After the first epic fail, I melted the pendant, I turned to the internet for more information.

To my great pleasure I found a thriving and friendly community spread all over the globe and lots of information written in English. I devoured everything I could find (I still do) and kept on experimenting in the time I had beside my other work as a graphic designer.

Furrow Field #1

Furrow Field #1 – Earth collection

In contributing to this site I hope to bring my knowledge to the MC people so we can grow as a group. Partly I did that already by publishing the information about my exploration in decals on pure silverclay in Art Jewelry Magazine and presenting on the PMC conferences.

We, my man and son, live in the South of Netherlands in an old farm that we rebuild ourselves. It’s a lot of work but also very fulfilling. The province is called Limburg, a quiet and rural place that influences me a lot. You can find me often walking the dog, armed with a camera with macro lens looking for inspiration in my garden and the fields around me.

Helga van Leipsig

About Helga van Leipsig

Lives and works in The Netherlands. She creates one of a kind and limited edition jewelry that she sells through her website and a few galleries. Exploring the possibilities of metal clay is her passion, one that leads to innovative techniques like using ceramic decals on fine silver. She loves to share her knowledge by teaching metal clay workshops in the south of the Netherlands and presenting at conferences.

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