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Okay, I have been stalling, trying to figure out what it is that I can contribute to this blog.. what will make you want to read MY entries on Metal Clay Magic?

The great thing about having a shared blog like “METAL CLAY MAGIC” is that we all have a different voice to share.

Mine? I am the voice of the artist who wants it all but is not sure how to accomplish it, the compulsive designer, great in the studio but challenged by paperwork, organization, deadlines etc. sound familiar?

I am going to let you peek inside my messy (but great) life. I try to balance three children ages 9, 11 and 14 (coffee, chaos, deep breathing, love ), a school teacher husband with big ideas of how to change our schools for the better( hip hip hurray and OH BOY) and an aging home that needs my help constantly (or needs our money constantly) with my deep desire to create and share.

Since being introduced to Metal Clay by Lora Hart six years ago Metal Clay has proven to be the tool I needed to fulfill my dream of creating art jewelry and modern day heirlooms. After years of creating and selling mostly wire wrapped and beaded jewelry and trying a trembling hand at traditional silversmithing, Metal Clay created an explosion of possibilities, my mind is still reeling 6 years later. New possibilities keep presenting themselves and I am addicted to trying them all, combining ceramics, glass, felt, resin, paper, wood and found objects with Metal Clay, what’s next? Sometimes these new techniques started leading their own life for a while, but in the end it always comes back to Metal Clay and the freedom it gives me to express myself.

I’ll be letting you in on the little triumphs and setbacks I have as I try to balance all the different aspects of my life. I promise; no whining, hopefully some “Ahaa” moments, the occasional chuckle and maybe some cries for help.

looking forward to getting to know you all and letting you know me.

Birgitta Kastenbaum

About Birgitta Kastenbaum

With Artwear by birgitta, I hope to bring back a sense of reverence for the objects that adorn us and Metal Clay is my favorite tool for making this happen. Taking inspiration from the small things that make up our personal and collective history I create art jewelry and modern heirlooms. I am never at a loss for new ideas and always have something new on my work bench. Finding the time to bring it all to fruition is my biggest challenge. Originally from The Netherlands, I live in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles with my husband and three children. I love sharing, learning and growing as part of the metal clay community. You can contact me at any of the following sites in their various chaotic stages of development :)

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