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This month, I’ll introduce some a couple of my favorite artists, and probably introduce you to some of other artists that I admire in future posts. I am not going to introduce artists who work in metal clay. I think that anyone reading blogs such as this one already keeps up on the world of metal clay. I’ll introduce you to artists whose work I follow who might not have come to your attention.

The first artist I’d like to introduce you to is Jim Kelso. He’s my hero. To hell with Brad Pitt, I’d like to meet Jim Kelso! His work thrills me. While some of his work is jewelry, a lot is trays, bowls, screens, etc. His work calls to me, as he, like myself, delights in nature and the little things that most people overlook. His work conveys the essence of his chosen subject.  He calls it “Ecstatic Naturalism.” His work has a Japanese influence and he works with a lot of traditional Japanese metalsmithing techniques, as well as Japanese alloys and patinas, balancing the traditional with innovation. His website is






The second artist is Janel Jacobson. Another hero of mine!! She also works in a Japanese style, mainly small carvings and netuskes, but started out carving porcelain. Janel is another who looks at nature’s minutiae. Bugs, worms, frogs and other creatures that most would see no beauty in populate her many carvings and they are beautiful.Her work has texture and detail in abundance.  The more you look at a carving, the more you see.  Her website is Take a look at the work on her numerical list, you’ll be blown away!

Both artists’ work, as well as other artists doing small carving, can be found on Both Jim and Janel contribute information about their new work and encouragement to new artists on this site. I hope you’ll be as excited about their work as I am.


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I am a metal clay artist, living in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I teach from my home studio, at Metalwerx in Waltham, Mass and various other venues throughout New England. My work can be found at the shops of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and local galleries. You can see my examples of work at


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