I’d like feedback on how everyone keeps track of blogging!?

Having joined this amazing group of generous artists who are always willing to share their experiences; I find myself in awe!  Feeling a bit like the redheaded (Feria) step-child here.  I did attempt to blog before and just couldn’t organize the time or muster up the words (yup, me – the words; imagine that) to get it up and going.  I’m so impressed with all of you who do, and very well at that. 


I was trying to figure out how to receive our blog posts as I do from blogs subscribed to.  As my team publishes and replies and converses with each other, along with those subscribers who join in, I’d like to grab some kind of daily summary if that’s possible.  Anyone who can enlighten me is an instant hero in my book.  Between my attempts to become a mad blogger and my desire to know what we are all talking about; I’m – I’m – trying to complete this thought.

And so…

 To anyone who has tried this before, plunked in front of the dashboard on your screen with all its little boxes to check and choices to make; I salute you for fighting the urge to simply head for Facebook instead.  If you gave in and opted for Facebook, I fully get you.  Trust me.

 I promise to offer more substance in the future.  Some of the more experienced bloggers, please chime in.  You can probably enlighten more than just myself. 

 If it is just me, well, it won’t be the first time.  Fortunately I’m never embarrassed to admit I don’t know.  I get to learn lots of things because of that.


About Donna Lewis

I'm still fascinated by the process that metal clay goes through from its initial form to finished work. A variety of techniques: both unique to metal clay, and standard in traditional goldsmithing; are combined to create some of the most individual signatures in art jewelry today. Absolutely thrilled to see what comes next!


I’d like feedback on how everyone keeps track of blogging!? — 4 Comments

  1. You totally are not alone Donna! I’m finding I need to schedule my time (especially after my day job) down to setting alarms on my phone for things I want/need to accomplish. That said, my blogs do need to move up the priority ladder too!

    • Michelle, I was setting dates into my Droid and when they came up as an alarm I’d dismiss them and then really
      dismiss them. I think a vacation might be just what the doctor ordered. Hmmm later, I don’t have any time.
      Wondering why I wasn’t this busy when I was in my 20’s with all that energy????

  2. Donna, if you’re asking about how to keep up with writing on a blog, I’ve not had a good history lately to offer any pointers. :-) However, if you’re asking about how to keep up with all the blog reading, well I do have a few ideas about that.

    First go to Google Reader and set up an account there. Use the subscribe button to enter each blog you wish to follow. You can read from here as well, but all the pretty formatting that everybody worked so hard to add gets stripped from the display. My favorite approach is to use FlipBoard on my iPad. Enter the Google Reader info there and have all the posts come up magazine style. Oh, and you can add FB there as well as news and lots of other RSS feeds.

    Hope that helps! – Vickie

    • Vickie thank you for the information I had no knowledge about. I just always subscribed to blogs I wanted
      and all came in my email. This one is harder because I can’t seem to get it to do that and I’m not getting
      feedback without going through the login process. No not lazy, just busy, tired, confused and forgetful. Did
      I forget anything? =-/

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