This month my post will be a short one, as I’ve been dealing with the flu and a neverending cough!

For the past few years I have started each year joining a challenge;  A Ring a Week, an Earring a Day, Four a Month.  I’ve never finished one, sad to say. But I continue to join them and push myself to meet deadlines.  I don’t expect that I will ever finish one totally or on time, life generally intervenes.  However, I enjoy them for a number of reasons.  There is a difference in how I think about the work I do for these challenges compared to my day to day studio work.  I teach a lot and have work in a few galleries, so a good percentage of my work consists of class samples and easily repeatable pieces that are cost effective for both myself and my buyers.  Challenges give me a push to create beyond this.  There is also enjoyment in seeing what other people will do within the guidelines of a challenge.  

This year I decided to join Joy Funnell’s challenge A Critter A Week.  I’ve posted four pieces to the group and am up to date thus far.  If you’d like to see what the rest of the group has posted check out their work at



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I am a metal clay artist, living in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I teach from my home studio, at Metalwerx in Waltham, Mass and various other venues throughout New England. My work can be found at the shops of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and local galleries. You can see my examples of work at


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