So You Want To Do An Art Show…Part Deux

There are three basic things you will need when you start doing art shows.   The rest is just decoration….well…not just…but it’s decoration.

The first is a booth or tent.  If you aren’t planning on doing outdoor shows, you would only need a booth set up.  Me…I have done both indoor and outdoor shows so I use a tent for both.  After having a cheap tent destroyed in a storm, I decided to buy a serious tent.  After some internet research, I called the guys at Flourish.  It’s a shop of 10 guys in Arkansas.  They were wonderful in helping me choose a tent and had it to me in less than a week.  It’s very well made and easy to put together.  The canopy and walls don’t leak in the rain…something I can’t say about my first tent.  I use the tent frame for indoor shows.  I put curtains up on three walls and it makes a nice booth.

My next purchase was tables.  All the books and articles on doing shows will tell you that you need to raise your tables up.  Some people use PVC pipe to extend the legs.  Others use bed risers.  Another internet search and I found Lifetime tables.  I chose the 4’ tables that could adjust to three different heights.  I have been using these for years.Next….lights.  When you do indoor shows you need lights.  Let me repeat this….you need lights.  I have seen diplays of some really amazing jewelry in booths that were dark.  You can’t sell you jewelry if your customers can’t see it.  Also, good lights highlight your work and make it pop.  Yet another internet search….I research on the internet a lot….yielded lights.  Brightman Design is a small company out in California.  They might be small but their lights are great.  I think I’ve had them for about 6 years and only had to replace one bulb.  I have the telescoping lights that can clamp onto tables or booth walls.



As for the rest….JoAnn Fabrics has some great upholstery fabric for table cloths.  Pier 1 has been a great place to find unique table displays.  I like to mix up professional displays with quirky ones.  Depending on the season, I bring in flowers or pointsettas to make things pretty.

Gail Lannum

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My day job is research administration but my making jewelry. I work primarily in bronze and am inspired by ethnic and tribal art. You can see my jewelry at

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