Bitten By The Pinterest Bug – Part 2

Birds and Birdhouses BoardIf you’ve been on Pinterest, you know it’s fun, entertaining and even useful on a personal level.  But how does this sea of images translate into marketing muscle?  This is where the fun really starts!

Marketing on Pinterest is all about building your tribe.  You want to attract followers who share your visual aesthetic.  I’m not only talking about your jewelry aesthetic, but what attracts you visually from the world at large.  When you pin images that align with your personal vision, people will find you and follow you based on their shared vision.  Once they follow you, they will see your pins in their Pinterest feed.  When you pin an image of your jewelry, it will appear in the feeds of your followers.  Some of those followers will re-pin the image of your jewelry, and now it will appear in the feeds of their followers.  Can you see how this can grow exponentially?

Anyone who sees a pinned image of your jewelry and wants to find out more can click through on the pin to the source of that image.  That source might be your website, online store, flickr page, or wherever you want your customers to find you online. Research shows that visitors who arrive from Pinterest are more likely to purchase your goods than those who arrive from Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere.

Pin BoardSo, how do you build your tribe?  First, focus on curating interesting pin boards that reflect your personal vision.  I’m into plants, trees and birdhouses, so I have lots of board and pins that reflect the beauty of nature. Creating these pin boards is the heart of your Pinterest identity.   Next, follow other interesting people on Pinterest.    They may take a look at your boards, and if you have interesting pins and boards (see step one), they may decide to follow you back.  These connections will grow faster than you can imagine.

The more I write about Pinterest, the more I realize I have to share.  Next time, I’ll share a few tools you can use to enhance your Pinterest experience and build your tribe.

Wendy McManus

About Wendy McManus

As a metal clay addict, I spend most of my time working with, thinking about or dreaming about metal clay. I started the Metal Clay Magic project in 2009 to showcase amazing metal clay artists. In 2012, I engaged a diverse group of artists and converted the site to a group blogging project. You can find my jewelry at

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