The Order I Hate to Get

It’s been a while since I posted anything, life has been chaotic in the past months, and not a good chaotic.  Hopefully, that’s over and I’ll be back posting regularly again.

I love to make things, and love to have galleries or clients call for more product or something special.  However, I do have one item I make regularly that I hate to get an order for, because I know whenever I make more of these, babies have died.  I make “Bereavement” pendants for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at one of the biggest hospitals in the Boston area.

The director of that unit and her nurses thought about this and the symbolism for a long time before she contacted me to make the necklaces.  The necklace consists of an open heart with a smaller solid heart dangling in the center.  The larger open heart represents the mother and her womb.  The small dangling heart represents the baby in the womb.  When a mother in the unit has a baby die, the staff will present the mother with the pendant.  The small heart is removed and buried with the baby and the mother keeps the now empty heart.

I figured out how to make these so that they are very simple, and take only a few minutes to make each heart.  I make these pendants for cost of materials only, as I cannot quite bring myself to profit from something so heartbreaking.

However, recently I’ve had to rethink this.  The Director of the NICU told me that there are other neonatal units in the area who are interested in this bereavement pendant and she thought I should copyright it.  So….in the future I may need to see about having these cast.  At that point, I probably need to add my labor and a profit to making the pendant.  I also need to think about copyright and whether or not that is something I want to do with this pendant and its symbolism.  What to do, what to do?  


Bereavement Heart Pendant

Bereavement Heart Pendant




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The Order I Hate to Get — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Evelyn, I appreiate your comments. Hopefully
    the changes stating to happen around the
    bereavement Hearts will continue to do so in a positive and become avialable to more mothers in similar siuations

  2. Sometimes making jewelry is hard. Orders like this is why. Emotions get mixed up with earning a living. But if you can’t sustain yourself, you can’t make new ones. Have you thought of that too? Make them for a price so you will be able to stay in business.

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