Artist Profile – Birgitta Kastenbaum

Okay, I have been stalling, trying to figure out what it is that I can contribute to this blog.. what will make you want to read MY entries on Metal Clay Magic? The great thing about having a shared blog … Continue reading

Birgitta Kastenbaum

About Birgitta Kastenbaum

With Artwear by birgitta, I hope to bring back a sense of reverence for the objects that adorn us and Metal Clay is my favorite tool for making this happen. Taking inspiration from the small things that make up our personal and collective history I create art jewelry and modern heirlooms. I am never at a loss for new ideas and always have something new on my work bench. Finding the time to bring it all to fruition is my biggest challenge. Originally from The Netherlands, I live in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles with my husband and three children. I love sharing, learning and growing as part of the metal clay community. You can contact me at any of the following sites in their various chaotic stages of development :)

Artist Profile – Gail Lannum

Technically I have been making jewelry since I was about 8 years old.  It was the 60’s and I made strands of “love beads” for my older sister and my friends. I tried my hand at many different activities growing … Continue reading

Gail Lannum

About Gail Lannum

My day job is research administration but my making jewelry. I work primarily in bronze and am inspired by ethnic and tribal art. You can see my jewelry at

Artist Profile – Donna Lewis, Scottsdale AZ

So I was watching one of those award shows and flashed back to those chandelier earrings I made in high school (with a lapidary upgrade to be sure).  I was inspired.  Had to recreate some of the wonderful dangly, jingly, yummy ear art I … Continue reading

About Donna Lewis

I'm still fascinated by the process that metal clay goes through from its initial form to finished work. A variety of techniques: both unique to metal clay, and standard in traditional goldsmithing; are combined to create some of the most individual signatures in art jewelry today. Absolutely thrilled to see what comes next!

Artist Profile – Kim Paige

Two pre-school kids, full time job as the family breadwinner, husband building a new career…I must have been crazy for adding artist entrepreneur to the list. Creating, whether it be a piece of jewelry or a website, helps center my … Continue reading

Kim Paige

About Kim Paige

As a mother of two young girls, a wife and the family breadwinner, I dream and plan for the days when I can spend more time with art and my business. Until then, I squeeze in as much time as I can in my little basement studio with support from my husband. I’m a techno-phile and information-junkie so when I can’t create, I love to stay up-to-date on the latest Metal Clay news. You can find my website at

Artist profile – Helga van Leipsig

Well, hello Metal Clay Lovers. Nice to meet you here at Metal Clay Magic. I was so honored that Wendy asked me to be a contributing artist for this site, I just had to say yes to her enthusiastic request. … Continue reading

Helga van Leipsig

About Helga van Leipsig

Lives and works in The Netherlands. She creates one of a kind and limited edition jewelry that she sells through her website and a few galleries. Exploring the possibilities of metal clay is her passion, one that leads to innovative techniques like using ceramic decals on fine silver. She loves to share her knowledge by teaching metal clay workshops in the south of the Netherlands and presenting at conferences.

Artist Profile – Michelle Loon

Metal clay has allowed me to express myself as I reverse engineer the imaginative and playful forms that attract me. I love the challenge of creating dynamic pieces of sculpted wear with details that provoke and invite play. My life … Continue reading

About Michelle Loon

As metal clay artist and instructor based in Southern California, I love the challenge of reverse engineering imaginative, playful forms into pieces of sculpted wear. When not immersed in clay, I enjoy exploring acrobatic aerial arts. Website:

Author Profile – Lis-el Crowley

All my life I have had many creative ideas. Some small in scale and some quite large. I have been pretty good at putting the small ideas into action, and have been very happy to have created a life in … Continue reading

Lis-el Crowley

About Lis-el Crowley

Self proclaimed creativity addict and metal clay lover extraordinaire, Lis-el Crowley is the creative force behind the Metal Clay Mojo Conference which is being planned for September of 2013 in Chester, CT. She has been working with and teaching metal clay since 2005 when she torch fired her first project, a pair of earrings, and they turned into shiny silver in front of her eyes. Yes, she overfired them and they melted, but hey, it was Alchemy and that's MAGIC!!! Sharing her love of metal clay with students, fellow artists, and customers makes Lis-el happy.

Author Profile – Michela Verani

As I read the other author profiles, I feel like I’ve joined a rehab group………..Hello, my name is Michela Verani and I’m a metal clay addict. Or maybe a pusher, as I teach. To support my habit, I sell little … Continue reading


About Mikki

I am a metal clay artist, living in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I teach from my home studio, at Metalwerx in Waltham, Mass and various other venues throughout New England. My work can be found at the shops of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and local galleries. You can see my examples of work at

Author Profile – Katie Hanrahan

Making jewelry is my passion. I love making all kinds of jewelry, exploring the possibilities of various materials to create personal adornments. While in graduate school in 1992 a friend showed me how to make simple beaded earrings. I got … Continue reading

Katie Hanrahan

About Katie Hanrahan

Making jewelry is my passion. Metal clay is part of that passion and a favorite tool in my toolbox. Each day in my studio I try to challenge myself in some way, to push myself to sharpen my skills, think outside the box, learn new techniques or experiment with new materials in order to grow as an artist. I am part of an artists collective called The Screw Factory Artists and you can see some of my work on our website

Author profile – erin l. meharg harris

Yep-you read that right.  Lowercase.  I don’t capitalize my name, even though my mom thinks I’m a “capital person”. I’m a little weird, and I embrace that.  I don’t like capital “E” because it looks like a fork.  It looks … Continue reading

About erin l m harris

I like to make stuff. The high school years produced several A+ science projects including models of a chicken embryo, zygotes and mitotic division, created in polymer and meticulously detailed. A born artist with a lifelong love of creating, it took the unexpected loss of a special companion for me to create the work I am best known for: memorial and commemorative jewelry. I design reliquaries in precious metal clay-wearable vessels that enshrine treasured relics of the past, each piece a tangible link to a cherished pet, a special place, a memorable day. I split my time between running my jewelry boutique and apprenticing with Celie Fago and can be found at,

Author Profile – Evelyn Pelati Dombkowski

I like metal clay. I like it so much it has held my undivided attention for several years now, as I investigate how it works and making jewelry with it. I like to talk about it, read about it, think … Continue reading


About Evelyn

I'm a metal clay artist who is learning something new every day. My goal in my work is to make things that are well crafted and distinctively from my own hands, like the work of a good tailor. My jewelry can be found at

Author Profile – Bernadette Denoux

I am a retired teacher turned studio jeweler and metal clay instructor. I luckily discovered jewelry making and, as soon as I retired went to a professional jewelry school to learn the basics of metal fabrication, stone setting, and wax … Continue reading

Bernadette Denoux

About Bernadette Denoux

I have always loved wearing old silver jewelry, and in my jewelry box still have many of my favorite pieces from my earlier years growing up in Coconut Grove, Florida. Little did I know that later in life I would be making and teaching jewelry techniques to adults now that I am a retired teacher. You can see some of my work along with classes on my website