Featured Artists

Featured Artists

For the first couple of years of its existence, the Metal Clay Magic blog kept to a specific format where we featured different artists and their work in each post.  This page is an index to those featured artists from the early days of the blog.

Sabine Alienor

Lorena Angulo

Carol Babineau

Ruth Baille

Laurence Balbek

Victoria Banner

Lisa Barth

Maggie Berman

Kristi Bowman

Susan Breen Silvy

Milica Bubanja

Nicola Callow

Debbie Carlton

Angela Crispin: first post, second post

Alexandra Daini

Tonya Davidson

Heather Bell Denison

Janice Donor

Joni Doyle-Sims

Penelope Dunham

Pam East

Eva Ehmeier

Toni Ellis

Etsy Metal Clay Team

Celie Fago

Barbara Fernald

Anna Fidecka

Deb Fitz

Marco Fleseri

Jane Font

Joy Funnell

Holly Gage

Bev Gallerani

Linda Gielen

Maria Grimes

Liz Hall

Vickie Hallmark

Lora Hart

Beth Hemmila

Darcy Horn

Lou Hunter

Hadar Jaconbson

Jennifer Kahn

Angie Karst

Candice Kiesow

Molli Koltun

Gail Lannum

Melissa Lee

Donna Lewis

Michelle Loon

Lori Magno

Un-Roen Manarata

Kate McKinnon

Wendy McManus: first post, second post

Noortje Meijerink

Lesley Messam

Rachel Miller

Zoe Nelson

Kelley Oberreit

Cindy Pankopf

Lisa Pavelka

Donna Penoyer

Robin Ragsdale

Julia Rai

Patty Reeves

Susan Reinemeyer

Linda Roberts

Carol Scheftic

Barbara Becker Simon: first post, second post

Corrina Smith

Jennifer Smith-Righter: first post, second post

Jascha Sonis

Teresa Swanson

Otteline Tuitel

Sue Urquhart

Gordon Uyehara:  first post, second post

Kathy Van Kleeck

Kenji Von Achen

Wendy Wallin-Malinow

Patricia Weikersheimer

Catherine Witherell

Mystery Artists

For these posts I either couldn’t find a last name, or couldn’t find a person’s name at all.  If you have more info about these talented folks, let me know so I can fill in the blanks.

Alison, Ali Bali Jewelry

Antionette Design

Julia, Sacerdotesse