How can you Watch Free dramas Online

How can you Watch Free dramas Online
April 10, 2021 0 Comments

Watching movies and series online is becoming increasingly popular and with streaming services that keep increasing their subscription prices, more and more people are looking for a free option. Fortunately, there are dozens if not hundreds of websites that allow you to watch and download movies for free. The biggest advantage is that these websites show films and series that are not yet shown on paid sites such as Netflix.

Websites for watching series and movies online for free

Below you can find the list of the websites that have come out the best in the online test when it comes to watching movies online. A number of characteristics that have looked at are the number of monthly visitors, ease of use, available content and advertising use.


Fmovies is another website where it is possible to stream movies for free. This age-old site uses an easy interface to search for movies and series. When you have performed a search, you will immediately notice that the offer of this website is enormous. A big advantage of fmovies, compared to the others on this list, is that you can create an account to save the movies and series you have watched. This prevents you from starting and thinking of the same movie that you have already seen.


As many know you can find free short films on YouTube. This is also the case with Vimeo. There are a large number of films that you can watch for a fee, but there are also many short films that can be viewed for free. For example, here is a short film that you can watch movies online that you would even be willing to pay to see. Thousands of such films can be found on Vimeo.


This streaming site, linked to the Internet Movie Database, is an Amazon website that contains free movies with the same revenue model as Vudu: the ads that are displayed. You will have to register for an account with IMDb-TV before you can use the films and series within the platform. The ads that are shown cannot be removed with an AdBlocker, as you will then be notified that you must disable them again before the movie can be started.


Did you know that you can also just watch movies on YouTube? When you search for ‘full movie’ with the search term, you will get a large number of films that you can watch directly via YouTube. There are a lot of Bollywood and Asian films on it so if you like this you are definitely at the right place.

Sometimes it happens that you cannot stream certain movies from the above sites. Then you will receive a message that the film cannot be opened in your country. A tip for this is VPN. This is a feature that can bypass geo-blocking. If films cannot be seen in the Netherlands, there is a possibility to put this Hola VPN on the United States. This way you will not be notified that it is not visible. This internet ‘extension’ is easy to download.